Creative explorations

Tile: Tide Changes

Why: Represent the natural occurrence of how the moon’s gravitational pull creates a high and low tide, controlling water levels

What: The graphics on the tile represent the changes in tide over time, the impression that can be seen on the sand

How: Sketch the changes in an abstract representation, CAD with Fusion 360. I plan to 3D print the piece


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Why: Blind was made to push the boundaries of monotonous conversations. Our dream is to guarantee fulfilling, unpredictable, and spontaneous exchanges through Blind matches in hopes of building memorable connections

What: Blind is an anonymous messaging app to facilitate conversations between strangers. Based on a prefilled form, individuals are matched with three others based on a high likelihood to have a great conversation. Over three days, individuals will message their matches, using prompts to facilitate. At the end of the round, both sides will rate their exchange and choose to share their contact information

How: As the designer, I focused on Blind’s product strategy, visual design, style guide, interaction follows, and user testing

Team: Sanya Verma — Lead designer; Patrick McElroy — iOS engineer; Atharva Talpade — iOS engineer; Ryan Helmlinger — Software engineer


Why: Visual exploration of places that don’t exist

What: Cut up photos pasted on more photos

How: Digital photos are taken from unsplash. Editing was done in photoshop. Paper stuck together with glue and tape

I’m Sanya, an experience designer based in Michigan. This year in Shift, I found who I am as a creator. I worked on building confidence, being unafraid to try new things, and blocking out the noise. I explored various skills through my projects. I wanted to explore creativity in various forms: 2D vs 3D; digital vs analog. I also wrote some poetry I was proud. For the first time, I read my work aloud to other creators.

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